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    • A multipurpose service platform that provides video and document conferences in various environments, including PC and mobile devices
      Definition of Smart Place BI
      As the brand identity (BI) that embodies the basic concept of Smart Place, it expresses the significance of the product that breaks from spatial boundaries by overcoming the basic form of a regular hexahedron.
      UI screen
      Document Conference Screen
      Video Conference Screen
      Features & Benefits
      ㆍSmart Place allows users to conduct real-time meetings through wired/wireless internet in any place, including in-house conference room, home, or suburban regions.
      ㆍSmart Place can be used with communications-enabled devices, such as smart phones, tables, PCs, laptops, and desktops, as well as on operating systems, including Windows series, Mac, Android, and iOS.
      ㆍIt supports video conference images of 1:1 and 1:N. (It is available for a maximum of 50 participants.)
      ㆍIt simultaneously operates video images and documents, and it shares various documents (MS Office 2010, Hancom Office 2010, PDF, images, texts, etc.)
      ㆍIt provides various additional functions, such as screen sharing, video sharing, and file sharing.
      ㆍIt provides additional functions in case it is linked to conference management solutions.
      ㆍIt stabilizes systems through distributed processing and duplexing.
      ㆍIt has an intuitive user interface.
      Main functions
      Document Conference Function Overall Control Function
      ㆍSharing documents, such as MS Office 2013, Hancom Office 2014, PDF, images, and texts.
      ㆍSelecting a document and opening another document during the conference
      ㆍSimultaneously distributing presentation materials
      ㆍRequesting a right to speak
      ㆍSelecting and uploading presentation materials by a presenter
      ㆍPossible to check presenters and users
      ㆍSupporting forced synchronization function and seminar mode
      Voice/Image Conference Function Additional Function
      ㆍSharing video/image by lecturer and moderator
      ㆍPossible to change the layout of participant images
      ㆍ1:1, 1:n video/audio & text chatting
      ㆍScreen sharing function
      ㆍVideo sharing function
      ㆍFile sharing function
      Conference Function Main Function
      ㆍVarious e-board writing
      ㆍZoom in/out
      ㆍPresentation screen synchronization
      ㆍSaving a conference material as PDF
      ㆍForced expulsion
      ㆍTransferring the right to control (presentation right)
      ㆍControlling participants' microphones/images
      ㆍDisplaying conference progress information
      ㆍSupporting full screen mode
      ㆍWriting conference minutes
      ㆍAdditional functions > chatting function,
      ㆍpersonal document folder function, navigation
      ㆍfunction added
      ㆍSupporting many languages
      Conference Management Platform
      ㆍOpening a conference
      ㆍModifying and deleting a conference
      ㆍConference room information (view of log-ins)
      ㆍGroup registration management
      ㆍN-Screen based
      ㆍSupporting N-OS (Windows series, Mac, Android, iOS)
      ㆍN-Device (PC, tablet, notebook, smart phone)
      ㆍSupporting environment (LAN environment, wireless LAN of in-house conference room, internet network, 3G/4G (LTE) network)
      ㆍAES (CBC mode)
      Smart Place can be used for many purposes, such as video and document conferences, lecture systems, regular and occasionally meetings, mutual business exchanges from remote places, interviews, business report, data presentation, and other areas where mutual communication using a document is needed.
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