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      • Wired-Wireless Integration Solution(Wireless LAN)
    • With the increase of the number of in-house wireless LAN devices (office laptops, smart phones, tablets, etc.), various work environments are required, such as real-time work transferability between floors in the wireless LAN environment. In accordance with this increasing demand, we provide a solution based on our experiences and verified performances to ensure the security, stability, and continuity of each device.
      Solution range
      Wireless LAN
      ㆍHigh-performance products with 802.11ac (1G) or higher
      ㆍEstablishing a cell design standard
      ㆍGuaranteeing the stability of various devices
      ㆍGuaranteeing FMC quality
      Wireless Intrusion Prevention System(WIPS)
      ㆍCC certification obtained 
      ㆍDetecting intrusion quickly 
      ㆍConsidering convenience, such as connections to other systems
      Certification server
      ㆍImproving the existing certification system 
      ㆍStrengthening the security of wireless sections 
      ㆍChecking whether the agent is installed in a device
      ㆍSupporting connections to other solutions
      Device management system
      ㆍImproving complicate management systems 
      ㆍExamining security reliability 
      ㆍConsidering the convenience of the manager
      ㆍManaging devices for the existing wireless LAN infrastructure
      As a differentiated strategy based on various experiences and verified performances, our wired-wireless integration solution (wireless LAN) provides the highest professional management by selecting optimal products and deploying leading experts.
      Composition of solution products
      Solution features
      Traffic Scheduling
       - Distributing resources equally to each device and maximizing AP performance through the implementation
         of Airtime Fairness

      Automatic cell optimization
       - Automatically optimizing cells by considering the RF environment and the characteristics of devices

      Verified performance
      Tolly Group - Professional IT Test Company

      * [Source: Samsung Electronics]
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