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      • Electric and ICT EPC
    • Our main practice for the past decade has been within the consulting and engineering field and we have completed projects in the following field of work and have clients all over the globe:
      ㆍConsulting Services (mainly focused on oversea projects)
      ㆍElectrical Engineering (Supervision of T/L, S/S, and OPGW projects)

      Particularly in the area for power demand forecast for international power-based industries as well as economic/financial feasibility studies complimentary to the technical analysis, WOOAM occupies a unique position as the only such consulting firm in the nation. In a nutshell, WOOAM has successfully conducted and has been participating in a number of projects in the overseas power industry involving T/L, S/S, D/L, Fossil fuel Power Plant, and Renewable Power (Wind, Solar, Biomass).

      Besides electric engineering, WOOAM has had a long line of experience in the ICT sector specializing in telecommunication and broadcasting network. Also in recent years WOOAM has begun FTTH (Fiber-to-the House) and broadband installation projects giving us a wide range of work experience within the fast paced ICT industry. WOOAM has been designated for maintenance service for a number of government organizations within Korea.

      ㆍICT Infrastructure (mainly focus on domestic projects)
      ㆍPublic Network Services (Telecommunication constriction in domestic)
      Renewable Energy
      Renewable energy is an energy that replaces the traditional fossil energy(Petroleum, coal). This means renewable energy (such as sunlight, water, geothermal energy and organisms) and new energy (such as liquefied coal, hydrogen energy.)

      Wooam Corp. has sufficient experience with the technology, such as feasibility studies, design, construction, supervision on the part of solar and wind energy renewable energy.

      Power Transmission
      Transmission and substations are national key industrial facilities, it is responsible for supplying electricity generated at the power plant to the national power.

      In addition, It is also very important facilities in the country to build infrastructure, since it contributes to network expansion.

      Wooam was performing a feasibility study, design and supervision of transmission and substation facilities abroad for many years. We also have a wealth of experience through various construction supervision projects such as Ethiopia OPGW business, Ghana transmission and transformation technology.

      Main Projects in Ethiopia
      Classification Description
      Project Ethiopia OPGW EPC Project
      Description EPC Project of OPGW (Optical Fiber Ground Wire) with live wire for the transmission line (T/L) in nearby Addis Ababa, Northern and Northeastern Regions. Total constructing T/L is 5,484km (1st Construction: 884km, 2nd Construction: 3,000km, 3rd Construction: 1,600km). Among them, WOOAM is doing work about 1st Construction routes which is 861.77km (230kV 371.88km, 132kV 489.89km)
      - Site survey and design Aug.ust 13 ~ December 2013 (Completed)
      - OPGW Installation : September 2014 ~ Current (Ongoing)
      - 298.8km completed
      2. Ethiopia Telecom Expansion Project
      Classification Description
      Project Ethiopia Telecom Expansion project
      Description Installing a wireless base station to freely make use of devices such as a smart phone and a tablet which has been spread worldwide

      This project is to establish a wireless network for supply of the communication device by installing the next generation wireless 4G and 5G.

      Site Survey & Design-A.A area
      Microwave LOS survey 60 Sites
      Wireless site 60site

      BTS 300site – AWASSA area (20 sites completed & proposed)
      JIMMA area (proposed)
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