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      • Wired-Wireless Integration Solution(Wireless Phone)
    • As a wired-wireless integration solution for mobile phones that was created jointly by WOOAM and Samsung Electronics, which has IPT (No.1 M/S in Korea) and WLAN/mobile solutions and has established various FMC sites and foreign sites covering 80,000 members, it aims to increase the convenience of users by transforming office phones into wireless ones, and to provide One Phone service, and to reduce out-of-the-office telecommunication expenses incurred by Korean and foreign employees home and abroad by establishing an integrated service for global workplaces.
      Solution strategies
      Establishing a verified FMC solution
      ㆍHolding the largest number of references in Korea
      ㆍProviding the FMC server that includes Samsung Electronics' PBX technology which has been developed for
      ㆍProviding a function to reduce telecommunication expenses
      Providing a voice quality improvement solution
      ㆍProviding a function to maintain communication quality in the Wi-Fi environment
      ㆍProviding a function for handover between networks and communication quality in public networks, including LTE
        and 3G 
      ㆍProviding quality optimization and mobility through connections to WLAN solutions
      Providing scalability for the future
      ㆍAccepting all members by only adding licenses in the future with a high-capacity system proposal
      ㆍPossible to connect IP phones that have various line options, including wireless desk phones
      ㆍProviding various types of media gateways and interfaces that are appropriate for the site environment
      Composition of solution products
      Example of solution establishment
      Samsung Electronics: Establishing the largest FMC in Korea

      Example of the Gangwon Provincial Office: Introducing "Smart Administrative Phone Service" for smart

      * [Source: Samsung Electronics]
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