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      • SMART GRID
    • R&D(Research&Development)

      Participation in Korea’s Jeju Smart Grid Test-bed Project (KEPCO Consortium) - Smart Place, Smart Transportation, Smart E-Service field
      Participated in EUREKA Cluster
      22 entities participated in Europe & Korea (14 companies, 6 universities & laboratories)
      "Intelligent Power Network & Monitoring System Development" project in progress
      K-MEG(Korea Micro Energy Grid) - Green Tomorrow Consortium
      - Participating in DRMS of energy integrated management system and power exchange system
      Global Technology Development Business in progress
      - “Development of small/medium sized AMI core infrastructure devices and systems to provide energy management service” project undertaken
      Participating in “Development of Energy Demand Response System for Smart Home” project
      “Development of small and medium-sized Photovoltaic/ESS based energy management system for demand response” project
      - Development of EMS capable of controlling energy production and consumption, reducing energy consumption and providing active demand responsive service through linkage with solar photovoltaic power generation and batteries
      Participating in “Overseas export type of small and medium-sized distributed energy storage and integrated management system development” project
      - Development of OpenADR 2.0-based Demand Response Management System (DRMS) capable of demand management by operating the ESS as demand responsive resource in test bed, along with development of EMS (Energy Management System) for monitoring and controlling the ESS to be installed in customer sites in American continent
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