WOOAM thinks people and the environment.
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      • well-drilling project in Cambodia

        Joined Greenfund’s well-drilling project in Cambodia.
      • school-building event in Laos

        Held a school-building event in Laos for improvement of education infrastructure.
      • Donating our sales to society

        Donating 1/10000 of our sales to Greenfund by joining a charity club.
      • computers and IT equipment donation to schools

        Contributed to company’s investment in education by donating computers and IT equipment to elementary, junior high and high schools for the expansion of IT infrastructure and IT education.
      • CO2 reduction activities

        Building a Green Corporate culture by adopting a joint statement regarding CO2 reduction by Climate Change Center.
      • computers and IT equipment donation to North Korea

        Donated computers and IT equipment to North Korea for establishing peace between South and North Korea.
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