WOOAM thinks people and the environment.
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    • I extend my sincere appreciation to the customers of Wooam Corporation who have always expressed much interest, support and/or encouragement for the Company.

      Over 24 years since 1993 when the Company was founded, we have done our best to provide our customers with the best quality and the greatest value in various fields while ceaselessly meeting challenges and making achievements by means of a system of video conferences and electronic document meetings.

      Now, the system of video conferences and electronic document meetings is covering the domestic market and going further towards the world market and we have been making efforts to provide our customers across the world with the best services through steadily conducting a feasibility study and supervision of overseas plants in developing countries. Moreover, investments in R&D of Smart Grid which is an intelligent power-sharing arrangement are increasing to secure a high level of next-generation technologies, so that the Company may be recognized as one whose future values will be higher.

      We are committed to taking all the social responsibilities of the Company and contribute to our nation and society while accomplishing sustainable growth so as to make a bright, beautiful and hopeful society.

      All the executives and employees of Wooam Corporation are struggling to supply the best products and services while keeping in their mind 3Ps (positive, passionate, and profession), with a view to making a better firm which is giving the first priority to customer satisfaction.

      We will remain to be your firm and reliable partner in the future as well.

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